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The carbon-based artist known as Vinni Kiniki enjoys working in a variety of mediums and formats; best known for creating large scale brightly coloured often black-light reactive murals.

His work features humanoid characters and other intergalactic creatures who are used to express various themes and bare statements on an ever-expanding series of topics.

The work contains symbolism and hidden meanings, covering topics such as extraterrestrial life, science fiction, body modification, transhumanism, artificial intelligence, philosophy, ancient symbology, conspiracy theory, fetish, gender, altered states, occult and esoteric knowledge, genetic modification to name a few.

Thanks to various collaborations he feels privileged to explore his art by taking it to exciting fresh dimensions. Be it adapting his designs on massive scale by converting them into animated, projection mappings or having his characters featured in interactive virtual reality installations. He also dabbles in sonics and enjoys painting live alongside musicians and DJs. He recently has launched a clothing company by the name of

His exhibitions are geared towards inviting and transporting his audience to a fully immersive and multi-sensory otherworldly experience, to bring the whacky and surreal world that exists within his pieces to life, for them to cross over into the real world and for the audience to get lost in his.




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